Covid 19 measures and restrictions

At Antonio’s Ecotours we and the Mexican Government care about your health as well as that of the people of the local communities in these difficult times, not only here in Baja sur but throughout the entire country of Mexico.
In order to allow the world to visit and enjoy these breathtaking marvels of nature in times of global pandemic the Mexican Government is asking all businesses and service providers to implement a few rules designed to keep everybody safe.These measures are being adopted throughout the world and we ask that you please help us respect them so that we can end this nightmare together and go back to the world that we knew a mere year ago.
These are a set of conditions that we have been given by Mexico if we want to visit and experience these wonderful places during this global pandemic and they apply to everybody regardless of personal beliefs or social stature.

The easiest way to keep yourself and others safe is to stay home if possible. If you feel even the slightest of symptoms or if you have recently tested positive for Covid please stay home. You will not be allowed to enter any business if you have even a slight fever.
If you know that you are healthy and want to travel following these simple rules will help keep you and others healthy.

1. ALWAYS wear a mask when keeping social distance is not possible. and whenever you are in an enclosed space with other people who are not traveling with you. Wearing a mask even while you are alone in bathrooms also helps keep others safe if you tend to sneeze and cough.There are mandatory mask areas throughout the camp.
Please bring a mask from home. If you lost your or need a new one it can be provided for you.

2. Keep the appropriate social distance. In Baja California sur the mandatory social distance is determined by the color of the Covid alarm on any given day. Please see the chart for colors and appropriate social distance. The color of the alarm will be clearly visible in various places around the camp. All tables in the dining room will be distanced and windows open for proper ventilation and only 6 people maximum will be allowed to sit at each table if they are of the same group. You can see the current color by going to this website.

3. Use hand sanitizer before and after touching things that others will use such as shower faucets, door knobs..etc. There will be hand sanitizer in every cabin, bathroom and in the dining area as well as in other places around the camp.

4. Do not shake hands or hug anybody who you are not traveling with. This is a tough one since most of us are used to greeting people with a handshake or hug.

5.Do not spit on the ground in places where other people will walk.

6. Cover your sneeze and cough. If you have to cough or sneeze use the inside of your elbow to cover or do so far away from people when possible. Remember, wind can carry your saliva particles in the direction in which it blows for a distance. Try not to cough or sneeze if you are upwind from anybody.

We have been trusted by the Mexican Government to help keep this small part of our planet as safe as possible from Covid 19 and it is our responsibility to make sure that all of our staff and visitors adhere to these simple rules that can make a big difference.These are not simple measures of social etiquette but are mandatory by Mexican law and are meant for all staff and visitors.


* All food will be served on disposable eco friendly plates and cups and can also be requested to be served in your cabin if you do not want to eat in the dining area.

* The number of people allowed in each boat will be determined by the color of the Covid alarm in Baja California sur but will never be sent out at full capacity which is 12 people.

* All life jackets will be disinfected after each use and at the end of each day and will never be given from one user to another without first having been disinfected. You can also request your own personal life jacket for the duration of your stay.

* All bedding and towels will be disinfected after each stay with products dictated by Mexican Law.
* There will be information posted in each cabin, bathroom, shower, and in various places throughout the camp reminding us about these simple measures.Please do not be upset if one of our staff kindly reminds you to please wear a mask in the presence of other people.

* In the eventuality of refusal to comply with the rules set by the Mexican Government by any individual or group of individuals a service provider has the right to refuse to continue to provide service without having to issue a refund in the case of it being a client and to terminate employment in case it be a staff member.

Thank you for considering visiting the great wonders of Mexico and for helping make this world a better place and thank you for considering visiting us at Antonio’s Ecotours!