The Boys. L-R (Standing) – Dago, Maguel, David, Antonio. (Seated) – Tacho, Martin, Alex, Juan Pablo, Carlos

Antonio’s Ecotours offer professional & certified skiff drivers with well-maintained equipment to complement our staff of bilingual, naturalist guides who not only have training in the natural history of the area but also hold advanced first aid certifications.

Baja Expeditions provides support staff, purchases all food and equipment, and handles most reservations and marketing.

Daniel is both a very talented skiff driver and a very knowledgeable guide. His guests always rave about his passion for the whales; his courteous skiff handling techniques ensure the groups’ comfort while protecting the whales from any potential harm. He is always smiling and he has an uncanny ability to predict the whales’ behavior, as if he has been conversing with them his entire life, wait… he has. He will be delighted to lead you to his favorite spots in 2012.
Antonio Aguilar’s bright eyes are always ready for adventure. His smooth skiff handling skills and decades spent in and around the San Ignacio Lagoon make him our Master Captain. Antonio has been escorting curious travelers to visit the whales for over 30 years. Many of you know he is also a very talented musician, he plays a mean guitar and sings with “Los Cochis con Levis (de la laguna)”. Antonio continues to lead trips and he is also pleased with his new shared responsibility of the camps operations.
La Maria is the absolute cheer of La Freidera has agreed to work in the kitchen part time! I say this first because if you recall, her cooking is acclaimed as the best in the Lagoon – seriously. Everyone in the lagoon rejoices at a dinner invitation from the Aguilars! She is the boss of the camp, I have never known a woman of her nature to be so equally intimidating and loving in the exact nanosecond. She keeps a close eye on all of us, and enjoys her increased free time immensely.
Maria has shared some of her favorite recipes with her daughter,Martina. Martina is a very creative and talented chef as well. She creates delicious carrot bread and chocolate cake, delicious with coffee in the morning. She helps with a ton of other camp operations, and is always very welcoming to all guests.

Octaviano is very active in the politics of Baja – he has worked with us in the kitchen and lends a hand when needed. If you see him around, inquire as to the latest news in the lagoon – he knows it all!

Jerry is a master carpenter. He has retrofitted the cabanas with an additional window and a back door leading to a patio facing the lagoon. He has made the camp handicap accessible and has improved too many aspects to name – you have to see his progress for yourself.

Daniel with his guests