Cabanas: the Most Comfortable Outpost in the San Ignacio Lagoon

When Tim and the Aguilars began their partnership the cabanas were a fine place to spend a night and visit the gray whales. Baja Expeditions has added a few more creature comforts that make even the most rugged camper sigh with delight and give those who cannot fathom the idea of camping their own resort in the middle of the Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage Site. Of course, we have kept our improvements in line with local practices and environmental commonsense. There is no waterfall in the palapa, but it does have a floor now. The showers are not double headed, but do deliver plenty of solar heated water to the happy guest.

Our first task was to rearrange the existing cabanas so that each had a water-front view from their windows. We added comfortable bedding and an improved solar-powered system to deliver light in the cabanas at night.  Then Jerry Freer arrived, a master carpenter who has called La Freidera home for most of last year and this making all kinds of wonderful aesthetic and structural improvements.  He started by reinforcing the cabanas and has labored to create patios on each of the 12 cabanas. He has added a ventilation window, a running water sink and counter, a closet or drawers, some paint on the interior and has repainted all of the cabanas’ exterior to suit their environment.

He has made the kitchen more functional, painted murals and signs, created a handicap accessible restroom and entrance to cabana and even made an observation deck!