Sailing Baja’s Sea of Cortez: Spring Break and Summer 2012

A sailing trip aboard the 45′ Catamaran, El Mechudo in the Sea of Cortez is the most intimate, ideal, and flexible adventure available!

If you have ever considered a trip to Cabo San Lucas because you thought it would be a fun and effortless family vacation to plan, we have an alternative for you: La Paz, the heart beat of Southern Baja is the perfect place to really enjoy Mexico’s beauty and spend memorable moments with your family and friends. If a chartered sailboat complete with Captain and Chef who both serve as naturalist guides, that is only available to private groups, sounds a little out of reach, it isn’t. A typical four night vacation spent in Cabo can cost a family of 4 upwards of $5,000, not including airfare. We are talking hotels; activities like snorkeling, kayaking, whale watching, beach time; meals, drinks, entertainment, etc. All the while being hassled by small time tour operators vying for your dollar.

Imagine yourself accompanied by a handful of your favorite people boarding your own private sailboat and heading out to snorkel and explore ‘the world’s aquarium’ around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Isla Espiritu Santo. Just 15 miles north of La Paz lies an uninhabited desert oasis: a plethora of unique plant species, over 950 species of tropical fish, a chance to see green sea turtles, visit a colony of about 400 sea lions where Blue-footed Boobies roost, maybe see a whale…and you get to explore it from the comfort of your own floating hotel…

Why not find another family, or a group of friends for an adults’ cruise, and spend four nights aboard the 45’ Catamaran, El Mechudo. We create each itinerary based on the desire of your group and you become the captain once you board – stop for special whale, dolphin, bird, turtle, sea lion, and other marine critter sightings; hike the geologic relics of Isla Espiritu Santo; paddle stand-up paddle boards and kayaks in protected waters; snorkel with friendly sea lions, hundreds of tropical fish, and maybe even whale sharks. You can fish for your dinner (permit required). Have happy hour with your friends and witness extreme sunsets that just never seem to end from the tranquility of the protected bays of the isolated island. You make your itinerary, we make it happen. We provide all meals (custom planned by your preferences), drinks (sodas, juice, tea, wine, beer and cocktails), activities to match all skill and interest levels, equipment for snorkeling, kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, even fishing and diving gear, if requested – basically, everything you need for an ultimate vacation.  All inclusive.  For only $1,100 per adult in a group of 8, or  $4400 per family of four, we can show you the best of Baja on your own chartered sailboat! Download this PDF to share with your friends and enjoy this limited time 10% discountContact us today to start planning your ultimate cruise in Baja!

lets go favorites

P.S. You can stay the night before and the night after your trip on-board or in a lovely hotel in La Paz (not included) and arrange airfare through Cabo San Lucas (SJD) or La Paz (LAP) International airports (also not included).

Another Happy Guest

Abi and her family came down to see the whales are are hopefully going to stay with us during our Spring Break trip April 5th, 6th, and 7th –

Just wanted to say thank you for organising our visit this weekend just gone. We had the most amazing time with the whales (and dolphins!), and everyone down at the camp is great, we loved meeting them. The setup and the team you have down there are genuinely excellent. 

We are very much hoping to be able to come to your Espiritu Santo camp in April.

Abi Wainwright – 2012

Thank you Abi and Family!

2012 Poised as a Record Breaking Year of Whales!

Cooler water temperatures associated with the 2012 La Nina conditions are partially responsible for the increased number of whales in the San Ignacio Lagoon this season. As of Saturday February 25th there were 347 gray whales counted in the lagoon according to the scientists of the Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve. We are expecting a record number of gray whales to make it to the lagoon this year.

We have seen a higher number of whales born in the lagoon earlier in the season than in other previous years.

mama and baby gray whale

This means more friendly encounters with mama and baby pairs. The babies need a couple weeks to become strong enough for the mother whale to feel comfortable sharing her baby with visitors. These baby whales grow at a rate of approximately 50 pounds per day and they are now definitely ready for some curious interactions with visitors! We are also expecting the number of friendly encounters to increase as this season progresses  and as the single male whales move on to more fertile breeding grounds. The female gray whale usually mates one year and dedicates that next year to the development of the unborn offspring. Once the mama whale returns to the lagoon and gives birth, she will typically dedicate the next year to nourishing and caring for the baby. She will then normally mate again on her third annual trip south. The mothers and babies are usually the last to leave the lagoon in mid-late April.

We miraculously still have spaces available at the height of the season: March 6-10, 10-14, 14-18, 18-22. These trips begin and end in Old Town San Diego with a luxury bus trip over the border to meet our chartered Cessna Caravan for the direct flight to the lagoon. They will not be available for long.

Other trips available: Self-arrival or Trans-peninsular

The whales will be here until at least April 15th! It is sure to be a memorable, if not life-changing experience. 

Watch the video clip of our awesome whale encounter taken on Feb 13th.

Contact us today to reserve your spot.

Stay tuned for our new video series highlighting the entire San Ignacio experience.

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