Mexico’s friendly whales – Boston Globe

Photo: Phil Primack - Boston Globe

Photo: Phil Primack – Boston Globe

Phil Primack wrote an exceptional article for The Boston Globe, “Mexico’s friendly whales” about his recent trip with us that includes this breathtaking passage:

As we move slowly ahead in our panga, several mothers and their calves approach (by late March, when we visit, most adult males have already left for their return trip north). Then a whale comes right at us. As big as a school bus, she could easily flip us with one swipe of a fluke. Instead, she sends up a thick ring of bubbles as she dips under the hull, her back lifting us slightly out of the water. Even as we catch our breath from that encounter, another mother nears, this time pushing her offspring toward us. She nudges the calf (it weighs about 3 tons by now) out of the water. Human and whale eyes lock as we stroke the calf’s smooth, rubbery skin. Then, as gently as they came, mother and calf move away.

Thank you so much for the visit Phil! As the article suggests, those of you visiting from outside Mexico can call Emily Evans at Custom Coastal to make your reservations or travel arrangements at 409-877-4551.